Airport operators are increasingly faced with a wide range of projects and various development options in a fast-moving, ever-changing environment.A lot of alternative scenarios must be taken into account all of them having different short- medium and long-term consequences. Strategic decisions only can be taken when all options are calculated and valued and various stakeholders agree. .

With MAPS, your strategic concept can easily be quantified and measured. Endless discussions about possible future scenarios and potential consequences can be avoided by getting immediate, quantified results covering all planning elements. Strategy audits are put to the next level, no further need to postpone a meeting due to missing information.

  • Integration of all elementary modules to create a truly powerful tool
  • Monitor trends, create alternative strategies and position your business intelligently
  • Valuation of alternative strategic options
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Strategic Concept
  • Strategic Options
  • Strategic Controlling & Reporting

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