MAPS – Modular Airport Planning Solutions


AI-MS has developed special methods and software applications which can be matched to the special local market conditions and particular needs of the client.
All our planning tools are offered as licensed software applications to be used in-house by the client´s experts. We take care of the implementation of the system and offer external support services ready on call (installation, personnel training, hotline services for short-term problem solving and assistance in annual updates), provide ongoing maintenance and product enhancements.

Modular System Architecture
maps offers various modules which can be linked together through interfaces for a customised package solution.

Umwelt & Umfeld

Strategic management of airports
maps has been developed by aviation experts for aviation experts and is aimed at the special demands typically faced by strategic management in the aviation industry

Linking all primary planning elements
maps is a specialised industry solution for analysing, planning and reporting assignments of airport operating authorities and allows the integration of all primary planning elements in one comprehensive, balanced and transparent solution.

Customised solution - comprehensive assistance
maps can be used to create lon-term strategic airport development concepts or  for short-term business planning.

Our modular system architecture allows extensive flexibility in use and permanent extension of the application solution.

Efficiency and cost awareness in the planning process
maps serves to substantially reduce the time and expense of creating business plans. by efficient preparation of decisions. Time and expenses are saved both the planning department and top management through the standardisation of planning and reports.

Benefits from day one
maps is designed for immediate implementation by the planning department. Throughout the system installation all required data interfaces are established and tied together with the planning modules.

Various acquisition options
You can buy or lease the applications for in-house use. You can also use them as an integrated part of a broad consulting package provided by our planning experts .

Integrated Aiirport Planning System

Decision Support & Strategic Controlling

Communication & Reporting Instrument

In-house Solution

Time & Cost Saving

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